About Us

Grounded Paranormal is a paranormal investigation team founded in 2016.   We joined together from other teams in the Western New York Region.  We have investigated many residential, commercial and historic locations.   With each of us having our own perspective and interests in the various aspects of paranormal we feel we have a well-rounded team.  Our group is in a consistently continued education mode.  Para science is an ever-evolving field and it's important we evolve with it but always keeping a healthy dose of skepticism.  We know that many of you reading this will have skepticism.   We understand we felt exactly the same way until we had our own personal experiences.  Skepticism is a healthy way to discern the paranormal.  We ask that you keep an open mind. If you do, it may lead you to an experience that will change your life and contemplate what is and not really in this world.


Grounded Paranormal derived its name from the following:


GROUNDED THEORY:  Is a general research method (and thus is not owned by any one school or discipline); which guides you on matters of data collection and details rigorous procedures for data analysis. You can use quantitative data; or qualitative data of any type e.g. video, images, text, observations, spoken word etc.


PARANORMAL:  A term used to describe anything out of the ordinary.

Grounded Paranormal provides our services FREE OF CHARGE.  We treat our clients and their property with respect.  Prior to an investigation, we can provide information regarding the equipment we use and how we use it.  We will provide waiver forms and explain why they are necessary.  During investigations we expect the client to remain on premises at all times unless stated otherwise.  However, we request that they remain out of the areas of investigation. This is for their own safety.

Having investigated many residential, commercial, and historic locations,  We use our knowledge and techniques to better understand the world of the unknown.  We DO NOT claim to be experts in this field, only students of life and death, trying to get a glimpse of proof.  

The longest part of any investigation is the research.  There is a vast amount of history and records to review.   The research takes a couple of weeks to complete before we can be on location.   After the investigation is performed the work doesn't end there.  The next step is the review in hopes of finding compelling data/evidence.  Yes, it's a lot of work but the rewards of learning historical facts, going on location, finding compelling evidence, and helping others make it all worth it. This is why we continue in our endeavors of paranormal investigations.  This is why we love what we do!