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We are a paranormal investigation team founded in March of 2016.  We joined together from other teams in the Western New York Region.  We have investigated many residential, commercial and historic locations.  Our knowledge and techniques help us to better understand the unknown.   We DO NOT claim to be experts in this field.  Our group is in a constant continued education mode.  Para science is an ever-evolving field and it's important we evolve with it but always keeping a healthy skepticism. 


Paranormal investigation is an expensive endeavor.  We provide equipment for members to use in investigations while they begin to build there own inventory.  It's up to each team member to pay for their own equipment.  The times and dates of investigations vary based on the location and client availability. Investigations generally occur on a Friday or Saturday night.   Sometimes we go out of town and on overnight investigations we each pay our own food, gas, and lodging.       


We are a small group that works well together.  Our group is specifically designed around friendship and experience,  science and procedure, and skepticism! We make it a point to share our time and knowledge with all members.  There are many paranormal groups in the Western NY area and we will often share an investigation with them.   You will not find competition from us and no ego trips here.  It's imperative we build our group with open-minded positive members.  We're all the same, but sometimes different in our approach to ghost investigating/hunting. 


We are looking for individuals who have not only the passion for the paranormal but the know-how. Mature respect for teammates and paranormal. The Paranormal is fun but yet its a lot of work too. As a team, we pull together our knowledge of the investigations as well as the production at the end.


Meetings Policy: We have meetings once a month in our local Restaraunt to go over the past investigations as well as future investigations and events. We try to schedule meetings to fit in everyone's schedule's but failing to attend as well as a no show no call will be an automatic termination. 


 Positions as follows: Handler of Video Cameras, Photography, Live feed, and DVR know-how. We are also looking for psychic/mediums, contractors/electricians.


No Show Policy:  Any member who "no shows" will be banned from the group immediately with no exceptions.  Our group is based on mutual respect.  "No shows" can create chaos for others.  It is very easy to make a call and cancel. 


Our Photo Policy:  Please provide a full-face photo of yourself.  No sunglasses or no couples photos.  This helps organizers, clients, and members put a face with your name. 


Our Due's Policy: Yes we have Due's, these pay for the websites, equipment upgrade, and venue fees. Due's can and will increase, we are a growing team. 


Thank you for your interest in our group and happy hunting!


We are accepting new members at this time!