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We are a Western New York paranormal group.   If you are in need of help with your home or business please fill out our CONTACT FORM.   We are able to investigate all areas in the Western New York Region, we will be happy to help any way we can FREE of charge.   

Investigator/Web Design

I was born and raised in the small community of Avon, NY.  I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, and have a love for my family and animals.  I have learned even more and gained another family, I look forward to seeking more into the unknown with this team. I have many hobbies, one is History, ("you can find out so much about a place by knowing its history").  I have spent the last 27 years investigating different places with my husband Tom.  We have been to Gettysburg, West Palm Beach Florida, and around the upper state region.   My biggest thrill is seeking the answers to "Life After Death".   My hobby is my passion, like so many other's I lived in a haunted house, unlike most in that situation, our family embraced it.   After my paranormal experiences, I read books to try to understand what I was seeing and why, but even then got no answers.  In the years I grew to understand a little more each time, I still have no concrete answers.  My other passion is Cancer awareness.

Co-Founder- Investigator/Case Manager

I have been interested in the paranormal most of my life.  In the early '90s, my wife and a few friends created two documentaries on the Dansville Castle and the strange things that happened there sparked my curiosity in paranormal research.  My wife and I have stayed in hotels that have been on either Sci-FY channel or Travel Channel and were listed as the Most Haunted Hotels.  My most memorable place to stay was Gettysburg, the historic Farnsworth Inn.  I have been investigating and gathering historical research for over 20 years, and it has been very interesting. Becoming a-Grounded Paranormal member has been a learning and exciting experience.  The team members are great people and fun to work with.



I grew up in Avon, NY and I am a mother of two children. I have been interested in the paranormal for many years, My first experience was when I was about four or five years old. I lived in a big farmhouse and heard furniture move, doors close/open, and also saw 4 full body apparitions. As I grew older, both of my parents have been involved in the paranormal, it grew on me ever since. As I got older and understood more about the paranormal it has become a big interest in my life. The most rewarding part being in the paranormal field is helping others, giving them a sense of relief. I'm so thankful for the team I work with and to be able to experience the great opportunities and challenges that are in the future.



I'm a mother of 5, stepmother to 1 and a grandmother to 2. I have always been fascinated with the paranormal and helping people. As long as I can remember my family all had the gift to see, hear or sense, I believe I am sensitive due to the fact I have seen and heard spirits in my presence.  I have always wanted to be in a paranormal group because I know there are answers out there, we just need to find them.

I am new to the field but willing to learn as much as I can on this new journey.

Investigator/ Training
I have been interested in the paranormal because I have experienced some things in my life and would love to investigate more into the paranormal field.

Grounded Paranormal

This is a group made up of people who work hard on getting evidence to prove life after death. Here is a video of some of the places they have investigated, bringing along the public to investigate with them. If you want to join them on an investigation you can go to Guest Investigator on this website and sign up. We thank you for all your support!

Former Teammates

Former Teammate

We have lost a friend and teammate, may the angels embrace her soul. If you would like to help the family click the underlined link below.

Spring Morrow Herke

Investigator/Records/Web Design

My interest in the paranormal was ignited upon purchasing a home in 1999.  Our home is 180 years old and operated as a hotel for 100 years.  It is a host of paranormal activity which sparked my spiritual journey.  During the next decade, I became a Reiki Master Teacher, Herbalist, and intuitive.  From religion to theoretical physics/quantum theory I became a voracious learner.  My life was forever changed and I am eternally grateful for every step of it.


With a degree in computer software and having owned a computer repair business,  I enjoy breaking down the investigation tools into a process that provides accurate and definable results. This provides me the satisfaction of the scientific aspect while blending with the spiritual/paranormal.   My interest in paranormal technology coupled with my interest in spirituality & theoretical physics allows me to contemplate new concepts in paranormal research.  I find it fascinating and fulfilling to blend my knowledge in these areas during "ghost hunts".  I work with a large real estate firm which provides me access to searching property records.  


I am enjoying life at our hotel with Brian and our 6 children.  We love late night chit chats, gathering research, and sharing spare time and good times with our friends in Grounded Paranormal. It's a perfect fit for our lives.  

Investigator/Tech specialist

I was raised in a very secluded area east of LeRoy, NY in an early 1800's two-story log cabin.  This is where the paranormal began its deep seeded imprint on my life.  It wasn't until I moved out of my childhood home at the age of 18 that I realized the paranormal wasn't "normal". Now having children of my own, dwelling yet again in a 2 century-year-old home and actively pursuing the paranormal my life has come full  I am grateful for meeting my team, expanding my spirituality, and gaining knowledge in the paranormal.

Former teammate