Gettysburg Battlefield Bash

Our adventures to the Annual Gettysburg Battlefield Bash

Your one step closer to meeting great
people for an awesome cause.  $20.00
will get you in for 3 days of the bash, be
sure to save your spot in the hotel where all the magic happens.

If you missed last year's bash you will find a video below that has captured the love and hard work Pamela and Steven Barry have put into this event...

Gettysburg Battlefield Bash 2019

Wyndham Hotel: 95 Presidential Circle Gettysburg PA.

The Largest charity event in Gettysburg Supporting Pa. Wounded Warriors and Seriously ill Children...

As we breathe into the "now" of each moment we are more mindful that it truly is the only one we have. The one certainty in life is change and living with that knowledge keeps us more grounded in the present time.  [Pamela Barry}

This video was created to show the world the love and respect we have for each other, as well as our memories of this event all wrapped in one.

Event by: Pamela & Steven Barry who own and operate the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange
1015 Baltimore Pike Gettysburg Pa...
Pictures of the Bash

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Pam & Steve Barry
Pam & Steve Barry

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