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We are a Western NY paranormal team. We are able to investigate all areas in the Western New York Region. We are happy to help in any way we can FREE of charge.  Fill out our contact form for more information.


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Welcome to our website. Our investigations are at places in the western New York area.

 Our team is about getting the raw evidence to the public eye, telling the public true stories and where they originate from.

Our film is never enhanced by CGI (computer-generated imagery) the footage you see is right from our DVR (digital video recorder), night vision cameras and audio recorders. After viewing the evidence we select pieces of it to show the world what we have captured. Notes: Not every location is haunted...

If there is a place with the activity we may not see or hear anything the first time, sometimes it will take another time to investigate the location for us to get activity.  

We set our events as Guest Investigator so that the public can investigate with our team, using our equipment and investigating on their own, we have had fun with these events in the past!


Our live feeds are to interreact with the public so they feel like they are investigating with us, they can ask questions and view in real-time. 

We have different designs for our t-shirts and accessories feel free to browse. To shop clothing click  THIS LINK.

Grounded Paranormal is partnered with several online organizations that provide equipment and knowledge in the paranormal field.  We have selected products to help the beginner or avid ghost hunter to find what they need at the best possible price!  Please support Grounded Paranormal by using and sharing our page.  #Para-unity

For more info on equipment click here on GROUNDED GEAR

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We are

Grounded Paranormal

This is a group made up of four people who work hard getting evidence to prove life after death. Here is a video of some of the places they have investigated, bringing along the public to investigate with them. If you want to join them on an investigation you can go to Guest Investigator on this website and sign up. We thank you for all your support!

Check Out Our Past Investigations

During our investigation at The Phelps Hotel, we had a few readings on our equipment. There was nothing out of the ordinary or so we thought! During our review, this is what we found. The Historical Museum is a great example of why it is imperative to review, review, and review. We picked up on some intriguing evidence... Read more here.

For more investigations like this check out our Investigation Page.

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