Spooky Fun on October 28, 2017 

Richmond Memorial Library

Dean Richmond, Jr., died in his youth. His mother chose a piece of property near the family mansion as the site of a library to be built in his memory and donated to the city. She commissioned a design from James Goold Cutler, a builder, and businessman who had invented the mail chute and later mayor of Rochester.

Cutler consciously emulated several Romanesque libraries that had been built in recent years by Henry Hobson Richardson in the suburbs of Boston. Several of those had also been built in memory of a member of the family of a wealthy local philanthropist. Most prominent among those is the Thomas Crane Public Library in Quincy, the pattern for the Richmond Library.

Like the Crane Library, today designated a National Historic Landmark, the Richmond Library employs a similar face of two-toned sandstone in a random ashlar pattern with a battered foundation, with a steep gabled roof. The entrance pavilion of both buildings is very similar, with the large arch and tripartite narrow windows. Turrets of similar height are also nearby. Inside, the Richmond has the oblong reading room with fireplace that characterizes Richardson's libraries. The only notable difference is in the front facade's remaining fenestration—the Crane Library has what Henry-Russell Hitchcock described as a "curiously modern" strip of windows, while Cutler's are more convenient for the time.

At the time of its construction, only the east (front) facade of the Richmond Library was done in stone. The north face's exposed brick was covered in matching sandstone when that wing was expanded in 1911, and the rear elevations remained brick until the modern wing was built. Inside, the only significant change was the addition of stacks to the reading room in 1900 as the library expanded

Richmond Memorial Library was built in the 1880s and is considered a national landmark. Grounded Paranormal is inviting all who can make it, kids from grades 6-12 and all adults who are interested in what we do. We will have our equipment on hand and information on locations we have investigated. This will be held on October 28th at 2 pm, come join us for some spooky fun and knowledge.