Electronic Voice Phenomenon

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Rolling Hills

EVP Classroom Bitch - Copy



Male voive- Stop 002
Male voice-Yes 002-1
I just did! - The investigator pauses her question and inbetween the pause someone says"I just did"
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Palmyra Historicsl Museums

Hi - A voice says "Hi" before the investigator talks.
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That's Me - After the investigator tells the other investigator that something brushed up against his knees someone says "that's me"
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Whered you go. - Just before the investigator talks is when a voice says "whered you go"
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Rolling on the floor - Just before the investigator asks if you heard that, you can what sounds like a hard ball rolling around upstairs.
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Naples Hotel

Our investigation ended so we went to bed and left the digital voice recorder running, you can hear little footsteps, then a child's voice says "Mama". This was recorded while we were sleeping.....

Naples Hotel - Mama
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Uptown Tan

During our investigation set up, there was a digital recorder on the second floor in the back of the building, our recorder captured footsteps, but no one was up there... 

Uptown Tan - Footsteps
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Hunt, NY 

After our investigation and alone in the house, hours later the owner of the home came back and was asking questions, while our audio and video were still running the owner asked if the spirits can hear us? As we were explaining to her that yes we seem to think so, this is what our audio caught.

Hunt, NY - Masn voice "I can"
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