National Ghost Hunting Day

Annual Event

What is National Ghost Hunt? A large ensemble of ghost hunting teams simultaneously takes part in a night of paranormal investigations in the most public haunted places throughout the nation!  Called “Ghost Hunting Satellites” these public locations and their host teams would be part of a new chapter within the paranormal field dedicated to public awareness and community unity!   The “shotgun start” for this event was at 10 pm EST from Command Central, The Scarefest, Lexington KY.    All paranormal teams would officially begin their respective hunts at this time.  Together with the power of unified human psyche, we can accomplish this formidable experiment! Indeed, this will not be a “typical” ghost hunt and will rely on using known methods of focusing energies to build a bridge. Words are spoken aloud at the Command Center to formally open the investigation and initiate the Bridge. The goal is to create a web of consciousness. . The event officially runs for 2 hours. #largestghosthunt.

Brian Cano from The Haunted Collector, who leads the National Ghost hunt every year. Here are pictures of our first year's investigation at the Hinsdale House with Mike Dolen and Brian McCauley who is on the TV show

Demon Files. 

National Ghost Hunting Day
Brian Cano
The Bridge Experiment
Destination America

NGHD & The Bridge Experiment

One Team. Many Locations

With its common core and objectives, National Ghost Hunting Day's " World's Largest Ghost Hunt"  is positioned to be the perfect opportunity for the entire planet to execute this goal within an epic paranormal experiment.  

As the first known experiment to be held on such a large scale, Brian J. Cano (a Paranormal Scientist and star of SyFy's Haunted Collector) is the architect of this Cognitive Consciousness experiment. With purpose and a symbolic tone, it is called "The Bridge". 

What is “The Bridge”?  

Simply put, it will be an attempt to establish a reliable bridge of communication with what we deem the “Other Side” by creating a collective web of consciousness with investigators across the globe as they investigate simultaneously.  By focusing the intent and actions of said investigators, it is hoped that a harmony will be established during the two hours of the experiment, resulting in better evidence and deeper meaning.

The purpose of "The Bridge" experiment is to establish a web of linked consciousness around the globe as all teams engage in a two-hour session, attempting to contact the Other Side.  The intent of the experiment is to analyze if this shared activity improves communication and raises vibrations.

Teams will operate out of haunted venues local to them and coordinate with Command Central, located at ScareFest in Lexington, KY.  From there, via streaming video, the satellite locations will be guided through the two-hour experiment.

Initially, an invocation will be read to start off the investigation and state our intent.  Much like the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of a school day, all teams around the world will read the provided words.  Then, the first hour will focus primarily on EVP sessions.  To start off the sessions, three questions will be provided that ask “Big Picture” questions about the nature of the work (How do you see us?, What can we do to improve communication? Etc.).  All teams are required to ask the three provided questions before moving on to location-specific queries.   

During the second hour, the teams will employ real-time methods – spirit boxes, RTEVPs, Ovilus, etc. As during the first hour, three control questions will be asked.  At the end of the two hours, the experiment will conclude and a closing script will be read, thanking the spirits and effectively closing the bridge.

National Ghost Hunting Day &
The Bridge Experiment

 The Fowlerville Hotel Investigation led by 

Grounded Paranormal.