Welcome to the Para-Unity family.   Unified paranormal research is a place to share our experiences, knowledge, and theories. Unifying will strengthen the field of paranormal research.  We accept all theories as passing judgment is a dogma we choose to step beyond.  Without this, we believe the field will remain stagnant.  Stuck in dogma and not accepted by the scientific fields.  It is the perfect way to suppress what others do not want to be known.  By working together and stepping outside of the box at the very least would create a  macro and micro view into the world of the unknown.  Discussion, suggestions, techniques, constructive criticism, and open-mindedness, integrity, and honesty are key foundations to this group.  Through the efforts of dedicated seekers in unity, it is our hope each of us will understand little more, about what lies beyond our 3D world.  



            Check out the newly created Para-Unity Facebook group.  This group was created to offer a forum for discussion and sharing.


Robert Murphy has summed up his perspective on Para-unity beautifully.

"The amount of time spent on the paranormal does not equal knowledge.  Those that actually spent time in the field will have a much better comprehension of the paranormal, but someone who is newer to the field and more open-minded can achieve their goals much quicker if they learn by other people's mistakes and successes.  If you are getting into the field bring a fresh attitude and never forget you were new at this once too. So if you see someone trying to learn or obtain information, help them, don't turn your back on them. Willing to explain your mistakes does not show weakness, it shows integrity and character. " ~ Robert Murphy 




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