Do you believe you are experiencing paranormal activity? 

You're not alone!  Grounded Paranormal provides paranormal investigations FREE OF CHARGE.  We treat you, your property and spirit with respect. Prior to an investigation, we will provide information regarding our equipment and how we use it.  We will provide waiver forms and explain why they are necessary.  During investigations we expect our clients to remain on premises at all times unless stated otherwise.  However, we request that they remain out of the areas of investigation. Please contact us and a team member will call or email you as soon as possible.


Your privacy is our priority. Investigation information will NOT be made public without your consent.  

Do you own a business where you suspect paranormal activity occurs?  Do you have employees that are afraid to come to work or do not like going into certain areas of your establishment?  Contact our team.  After the investigation, we will compile the evidence and provide you and your staff the evidence.  Your privacy and confidentiality is our priority.


Do you have things you can't explain in your home?  Our team can help.  First, we run a baseline of the residence to check for any naturally occurring events.  Then we conduct an investigation in a professional manner honoring your wishes with minimal interruption.   Once the investigation is complete, the evidence will be reviewed and presented to you.


Parks & Historic locations often have a very interesting and dark past with spirits and events that are tied to that location.  Our team specializes in coming into these locations and gathering evidence pertinent to that site.  Grounded Paranormal is mindful of sensitive artifacts. We provide a professional investigation while ensuring your site is not disturbed. 

abandon home

Do you have an abandoned house, building or property of land that has activity? Grounded Paranormal will Investigate ALL abandoned locations if they are safe for our group.