For the best experience, use headphones.

National Ghost Hunting Day 2017

During our ITC Spirit Box session on the children's stairs, we have contact with a few spirits and answering certain questions, validation is key to any investigation, so here is our investigation at the Fowlerville Hotel.

Fraser Cemetery 2017

Our investigation took us way back in the woods off of McVean Rd. is a Cemetery from around the 18th Century. More evidence will be collected, we will be back!

Phelps Hotel 2016

During our investigation at The Phelps Hotel, we had a few readings on our equipment. There was nothing out of the ordinary or so we thought! During our review, this is what we found.

Palmyra Historical Museum & General Store 2017

During our investigation did we receive answers to questions using the flashlight method? 

Palmyra Museums 2016

Our flashlight test and what we witnessed throughout our evening.  

The Hinsdale House 2016

As we were getting ready to do an EVP session, with Mike Dolan from the television series Demon Files and Michele Ball Manager of the Hinsdale House. Our camera operator catches a couple anomalies.  Later, we walked down to the "hanging tree" where our digital camera captured an interesting image. What do you see in the weeded area? 

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery 2016

By using dowsing rods during our investigation at the cemetery were we led to a headstone? Is it possible we were able to communicate to a couple who have past?

Naples Hotel 2014

As we left our camera's and recorders rolling while we slept, They catch what we classified as a Class A EVP of a little girl who calls out "Mamma".

Papermill House 2015

The Papermill House was a residential home which has been torn down.  Before the demolition, we were able to investigate the claims of footsteps and knocking. In this clip, we hear what could be knocking and then a growl going up the stairs. The house is now torn down.

This Video was at the American Hotel in room 19.  On the left side of the bed, watch closely as something moves the bedding next to the investigator's leg.  Is something sitting down?

The American Hotel 2013

Spook Hill 2016

All indications suggest the Spook Hill is just an illusion.  Despite the solid proof, the mystery and history surrounding Spook Hill in Middlesex continue to draw attention from people around the world.